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Downsizing and Redesign Experts

There comes a time in life when many people find that their homes no longer suit their needs.  If you’re ready to move on from the responsibilities of a large home, downsizing can be the key to a simplified lifestyle. However, downsizing the family home is often an overwhelming process.  Most people either don’t know where to start, or quickly become stressed by the many decisions and tasks involved. That’s where we come in.  We take out the guesswork and allow you to approach your move with confidence. 


We'll help you sort, declutter and reduce your belongings before your move.


Our experienced team will show you how to maximize space in your new residence.

Home Setup

We'll create a welcoming, efficient and comfortable space that feels like home.

Turn Key Solution to Downsizing and Redesign

Lifetime Transitions has been established as the leading Senior Move company in the Atlanta metro area since 2003. Lifetime Transitions provides professional Senior Move Management, downsizing assistance, and experienced real estate services for both sellers and buyers.

Our experienced Senior Move Managers oversee a full-service approach that provides guidance, convenience and compassionate service to  seniors and their families.  We plan, coordinate, and oversee every aspect of your move for a seamless, low-stress experience.

First, we provide expert guidance and hands-on support for sorting your belongings and determining what will go to your new home. We’ll also make recommendations on how to disburse the items that aren’t going with you.  At the end of the sorting phase, we create a detailed design for a new living space that fits your needs.

During the  relocation phase, we organize your move, sort your belongings, pack and unpack, and remove packaging and boxes promptly.  Lifetime Transitions services also include making beds, hanging photos and artwork, organizing your closets, installing TVs, and insuring that your new space is functional and comfortable.

Each move is supervised and coordinated by an experienced and dedicated professional who stays in touch with you throughout the process. When you’re ready to downsize and simplify your life, call us first for personalized and qualified help.

Senior Moving Assistance

One of the first steps in moving into a smaller space Is decluttering and re-purposing your possessions. Many items have sentimental value. We can help you sort through your stuff and determine which things to keep, sell, or give away.

Senior Living And Downsizing Process Made Easy

We make moving to your new home easier by coordinating every detail of your new lifestyle. In addition to offering real estate services, we work closely with retirement communities in the area. We’ll design and create a customized downsize plan to build your simpler life. We’ll design an accessible new space that will improve your productivity, and help with the space planning of each room by arranging furniture in your new location. We explain the reason behind each goal to help you stay focused and get excited about your new lifestyle.